Did Britain really experience the ‘white heat’ of a revolution between 1964 and 70?

This enquiry takes Wilson’s famous political framing of the 1960s as a starting point to continue students appraisal of the extent that ‘Modern Britain’ was made, remade and contested within the rather arbitrary dates of between Wilson arriving and leaving office. The enquiry uses the term ‘white heat’ to get students to consider the pace and extent of change in different aspects of political, economic and social life – as well as considering how much the power the British were really willing to cede on the global stage. In so doing, a more complex picture around the question of who is welcoming, who is remaking and who is resisting shifts in ‘Modern Britain’ begin to emerge.

Lesson List

  1. Why did Wilson lose power in 1970?
  2. Was the Heath Government sunk by factors outside of its control?
  3. Were the Labour Governments of 1974 – 79 able to steer a different course?
  4. Why did ‘The Troubles’ escalate in the 1970s
  5. How diverse were Womens Liberation groups in the 1970s?
  6. What were the most significant developments in race relations in the 1970s?
  7. How ‘political’ were British Youth Cultures in the 1970s?
  8. What were the most significant developments for Environmentalism in the 1970s?



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