Charles Edward Trevelyan (contemporary lithograph)
  • Born in Somerset (South-West England), England in 1807.
  • Joined the East India Company – a company that was responsible for business and colonising India. At the age of nineteen (19) he became a well-respected administrator out in India.
  • He returned from India to England in 1840. He then took a job in charge of helping those in Ireland during the ‘Great Famine’ when many thousands were starving to death.
  • But he became a figure of hate in Ireland as he continued to allow large exports of food from Ireland to Britain (for business) whilst at the same time doing little to reduce the suffering of those dying of starvation.
  • Trevelyan was also a co-founder in 1851 of the Highland and Island Emigration Society, which supported the migration of 5000 people from Scotland to Australia between 1851 and 1858.
  • Trevelyan returned to India in 1859 as Governor of Madras and eventually died in London in 1886.

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