A KS2 Enquiry

What is this?

The following is a short enquiry asking why Robert Baden-Powell’s statue has been criticised. It introduces KS2 students to the idea that statues are themselves an interpretation of the past, and that these interpretations are contested.

During lockdown this would be an ideal way for teachers, carers and guardians to engage children in the inspirational protests ongoing as part of Black Lives Matter UK.

1. Why are Statues built?

Students present their own statue giving details of who the statue is of, when it was built, where, by whom and for what purpose.

2. Why was Robert Baden-Powell given a statue?

To write a plaque for the Baden-Powell statue explaining why it was built in 1961.

3. Why has Robert Baden-Powell’s statue been criticised?

Enquiry Outcome: Students to create badges for Baden-Powell’s statue.

4. What should happen to Baden-Powell’s statue?

Students can write a speech based upon their own interpretation of Baden-Powell’s statue.

“Statues are about adoration. They’re about saying ‘this man was a great man who did great things’”

Historian David Olusoga (2020)

Q. What could David Olusoga mean by this?

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